The most recent version of TG is 7.32. !!!

If you have already purchased an upgrade for 7.21 and above, do not purchase again!


These PayPal buttons are being a PITA – email me at robinkletke @ yahoo.com and I’ll send you an invoice for an upgrade or new copy.



Upgrade License - $100

New License - $200


Most Recent Version


Trial Genie 7.32 download: AKC Version 7.32 (.mdb and .accdb)

-           Update ALL Fast running order

-           Fix an “All” FAST gate sheet bug

-           Fix day 4 Premer Std bug

-           Other updates and fixes of FAST stuff



Trial Genie 7.25 download: AKC Version 7.25 (.mdb)

-           Add “All” for FAST in schedule

-           FAST “All” will now correctly show up in total running order

-           Ability to move dogs around in FAST with a jump height across levels.

-           Updated Summary Catalog


Trial Genie 7.23 download: AKC Version 7.23 (.mdb)

-           Fixed Import Cancel error

-           Fixed scribe sheet date length

-           Quick Judge Selection in Schedule

-           Ability to print single ribbon label


This will require a new license key – thus requires purchase of an Upgrade package.  Click on Purchase w/PayPal on the left. 

Upgrade cost is $100 and includes updates for 1 year.  We have many planned as this change has made data entry much more difficult – and we’ll update as changes are identified.

When you upgrade, I will respond via email to verify your licensee name.


Updates for new AKC rules effective 1/1/2020

-        Dogs can enter Preferred and Regular in same weekend

-        T2B and FAST have For Exhibition Only (FEO) allowed (anything goes)

-        Should work with Access 64-bit now as well.


Simple Help File: TrialGenieHelp - PDF              
This is from an earlier version, but is still useful.

eResults download: eResults - Nov. 2017

You need this eResults for all 6.0+ versions (including 7.00)


Here is a document of the new features to review. It has screen shots and details of some of the new features, including Premier.

IMPORTANT:  Trial Genie requires Microsoft Access to run.  This is a database program that uses the MS Access (2003 – 2013 versions are OK) to do its work.  If you don’t have MS Access, you can download the Microsoft Access “RunTime” that will allow TrialGenie to operate – you just won’t have the ability to modify forms and reports.

The Runtime is available at Access 2013 Runtime Link


To download the new 7.++ versions:

1.      Download the .zip file from the link above to your computer.

2.      Extract the single file (AKCTG7xx.mdb) in that zip package to a location on your hard drive.

3.      Using the Windows File Explorer, find the new .mdb file, right click, select Properties, and select “Unblock”.  This tells Windows that the file is OK to use even though it came from the internet.

To get a license key for 7.xx:

1.      Purchase the upgrade ($100.00)  

2.      I will communicate with you to verify the licensee name before generating the new key.

3.      Open up the Access file from #3 above, click Register in the lower right, cut/paste the key and click Register.

Once successful, your new 7.xx version will be fully unlocked.

This change affected a huge number of modules and features in the code.  I’ve tried to run through as many as I use, and will be using the software this weekend at a local show.  However, I am almost positive that I missed some things.  If you find something, let me know ASAP so I can update and publish the fix.

Thank you for your patience.

Robin Kletke



Trial Genie is your database assistant from beginning to end of the trial secretary task.  Data Entry, mailings, catalogs, statistics, and all required reports are a breeze.   Each Venue has its own Trial Genie version so you can focus on the rules and reports you need.

Trial Genie is based on Microsoft Access, so Microsoft Access or the free Microsoft Access runtime library from Microsoft is required to run the software.  Users with Microsoft Access have a bonus!  You can customize queries and reports to meet your individual needs and view your data in the data tables.

Trial Genie Email is based on the built in Microsoft tools which use Microsoft Outlook.