Simple Help File: TrialGenieHelp - PDF          
This is from an earlier version, but is still useful.


For Trials after 1/2/2018 – Includes the 24Choice jump height

The upgrade for the new AKC 24Choice height is a paid upgrade and has a new license key requirement.
This also requires a new version of the eResults utility is needed for this version.

The most Recent version of TG is 6.07a.

- Removes a sanity check for printing scribe sheets that impacted those that split heights.

Trial Genie 6.07

- Adds in "ALL" and "OPN/NOV" for Fast gate sheets to combine classes

- increases field sizes in Dog and Owner data tables to fix import problems

- Start changing some scribe sheets (Exc Std/Jww for now) for easier reading … Let me know what you think!!!!

Trial Genie 6.07a download: AKC Version 6.07a (.mdb)

eResults download: eResults - Nov. 2017

You need this eResults for all 6.0+ versions


Here is a document of the new features to review.  It has screen shots and details of some of the new features, including Premier.

Versions 5.0+ New Features Document

IMPORTANT:  Trial Genie requires Microsoft Access to run.  This is a database program that uses the MS Access (2003 – 2013 versions are OK) to do its work.  If you don’t have MS Access, you can download the Microsoft Access “RunTime” that will allow TrialGenie to operate – you just won’t have the ability to modify forms and reports.

The Runtime is available at Access 2013 Runtime Link


Historical and other info

8/19/2015 – Version 5.0 is now available…  AKC Premier + Many new time saving features!

Version 5.0 is now available that includes support for the new AKC Premier classes.  This change touched a ton of screens and code in Trial Genie, and I’ve been working to flush out the various parts of the system.  I expect that there will be some problems, and will be working to fix those as soon as they crop up.

If you have been entering data into a trial that will have Premier, you can download this version, apply the new registration key, and import from your current database.  Then you can add those Premier classes you’ve been setting aside.  You will need to turn on the Premier classes, add the necessary fees to the trial setup, and then can add the classes for the dogs.


Download Version 5.01.zip file

-       5.00 Released 8/19/15 – first release of Premier+ features

-       5.01 Released 8/19/15 – fix import trial data problem with height card status

-       5.02 Released 8/20/15 – fix owner/dog table problem with import and previous versions

-       5.03 Released 8/21/15 – fix type mismatch in AddDog Data, import from 5.0+ versions, confirmation letters

-       5.05 Released 8/24/15 – bug fixes (importing from 5.0+, TS name, registration)

-       5.06 Released 9/08/15 – Bug fixes and updates.  Fix ToBeMeaured, spacing issues, reports

-       5.07 Released 9/23/15 – Fix Running Order, Schedule, scribe sheets, View Trial Data, Auditing for Premier, some tab issues and a few other things.

-       5.08 Released 9/29/15 – Fix catalog print first/last page, add “*” to placement for 25% premier legs.

-       5.09 Released 9/29/15 – fix armbands by height card and scribe sheets by individual PRM or PRM P class

-       5.10 Released 9/30/15 – fix Prem catalogs and other stuff

-       5.11 Released 10/2/15 – fix full catalog armband error

-       5.11a – shrink score font in labels

-       5.12 – fix some club license print issues, increase text field sizes in some report/labels

-       5.12a – update Owner/Dog/Location table due to text lengths.

-       5.13 – fix import scoring issue where it constantly warns about currently scored dogs.

-       5.17 – fix some bugs and add in the new AKC ineligible dogs list handling

-       5.20 – more list issues, new Premier Jww times


To download the new 5.00 and above versions:

1.     Download the .zip file from the link above to your computer.

2.     Extract the single file (AKCTG500.mdb) in that zip package to a location on your hard drive.

3.     Using the Windows File Explorer, find the new .mdb file, right click, select Properties, and select “Unblock”.  This tells Windows that the file is OK to use even though it came from the internet.

To get a license key for 5.00:

1.     Purchase the upgrade ($75.00)  Purchase Premier Upgrade

2.     By default, I will generate a license key with the same properties as your original key for pre-5.00 versions and send to you.

3.     Open up the Access file from #3 above, click Register in the lower right, cut/paste the key and click Register.

Once successful, your new 5.00 version will be fully unlocked.

This change affected a huge number of modules and features in the code.  I’ve tried to run through as many as I use, and will be using the software this weekend at a local show.  However, I am almost positive that I missed some things.  If you find something, let me know ASAP so I can update and publish the fix.

Thank you for your patience.

Robin Kletke



A paid upgrade is in the works to allow TrialGenie to support the new AKC Premier classes. This upgrade also includes many new features implemented to make entries easier to put in, bug fixes, and other features users have asked for.

The first release is planned for early August and will be available for upgrade on this website. A new license key will be required for this release to enable the use of the premier updates.

As fixes are made, updated versions will be posted here. Simply download, apply your license key, and import from your current database.

Currently, AKC OLE automatic downloads may be supported in the future, but not until the entire functionality of the classes has been verified. Until that time, those entries may need to be processed manually if premier classes are offered.

Trial Genie is your database assistant from beginning to end of the trial secretary task.  Data Entry, mailings, catalogs, statistics, and all required reports are a breeze.   Each Venue has its own Trial Genie version so you can focus on the rules and reports you need.

Trial Genie is based on Microsoft Access, so Microsoft Access or the free Microsoft Access runtime library from Microsoft is required to run the software.  Users with Microsoft Access have a bonus!  You can customize queries and reports to meet your individual needs and view your data in the data tables.

Trial Genie Email is based on the built in Microsoft tools which use Microsoft Outlook.

Please browse the Trial Genie Tour (being reconstructed) to get a feel for the program. 

10/1/14 – TG4.88 is available for download now.  The default mode is “Demo” which will allow for up to 50 users.  If you have already purchased a license, you can simply register the software with your current license.  If you need to purchase a license, it is available for $30 in the Purchase w/PayPal link.

This release fixes Manual/2Col/3Col running order printing

AKC Version 4.88 with utilities and release notes

This version is pre-registered as a demo/eval that will allow for up to 50 owners.

-        Print Order Dirty is selectable in the Trial Setup to turn the feature on/off

-        Breeder/Sire/Dam/Titles can be turned on/off in confirmations.   The checkbox is in the Trial Setup.

-        A bug was fixed that caused slowdowns during scoring on a small set of computer systems.

-        Email Exhibitors was always sending emails to judges – that has been corrected.

-        Additional checks are added to the Auditing to correct hanging dogs

-        Additional checks have been added in the Dog/Owner/Trial data handling to catch common error situations.


·        AKC Version:  A database which supports the latest AKC rules and naming conventions.  Includes support for ISC at all heights.

·        Unfortunately, NADAC and ASCA support has been discontinued by trialgenie.com.

·        PayPal or snail mail purchase options

·        Demo Software Downloads Available